LES PROMESSES D'UN RÉCIT (video installation in progress)

a book open on a table and a video projector installed above so that an image is projected on the pages. The spreads in the book are partially printed in order to receive the projected image.
When the reader turns the pages, a new video is played. Each spread corresponds to a video.
To carry out the project, the content will be collected/created in different countries and various contexts in order to feed,exchange, present and confront textual and video sources created in various settings.
This device is at the crossroads of the book and the video: it is a digital book in its raw form.
Here the video takes shape on the page area, the printed narrative serves as a voiceover/subtitle to the projected image and vice versa. In the parallel designing of the book and the video, it is possible to imagine overlay of informations and materials : text-text, text-image, image-image overlaps and also to be able to think of the sound aspect: voice-overs, atmospheres or silent reading.

yoan robin