yoan robin


This project is the product of a collaboration with a nepali craftsman, Narayan Maharjan. During 5 months, I gave him weekly drawings I asked him to compose of metal sheets. He painted 10 metal sheets and 40 number plates

" What unites the various configurations of the artistic use of the world gathered under the term postproduction is the scrambling of boundaries between consumption and production. “Even if it is illusory and Utopian,” Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster explains, “what matters is introducing a sort of equality, assuming the same capacities, the possibility of an equal relationship, between me - at the origins of an arrangement, a system - and others, allowing them to organize their own story in response to what they have just seen, with their own references."
In this excerpt from Postproduction Nicolas Bourriaud talks about the artist’s relationship to the viewer already questioned by Duchamp. Two places I also would like to exchange :

artist / craftman
artist / viewer
consummer / craftman
consummer / viewer