SIMPLE THINGS (pencil, watercolor, linocuts, various dimensions)

An attempt to represent abstract concepts. Subjective, and individual visualization. Assembled in pairs, in trio: the elements used to represent concepts are repeated, transformed and give shape to my thoughts.
Each concept consists of one or more elements that can be found in other concepts. Like prefixes, suffixes or liaisons, these elements are used to create a vocabulary.
The idea of a game both in the approach and in the depicted shapes and the colors used.

" The manipulation of the abstract language of signs can be so individual that the act of drawing has meaning only for the artist, and even his immediate neighborhood does not understand it. This would be the case with some prehistoric indian tribes in East California, Nevada or Monterey, who had little figuration and whose extensive armoury of signs largely used to set up very abstract ideas personally conceived by individuals "

Mark Verstockt, The Genesis of Form - From Chaos to Geometry

yoan robin